Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pretty Things / Handmade Camera Cases

You guys, I am the worst owner of a grown up camera. I have had my DSLR for months now and I still do not own a cute as hell camera case. I briefly looked a little while ago with no luck & have been keeping my eyes open for The One when I go to the shops, but there hasn't been a case that I like enough. Until my weekly Etsy browse when I came across Pessy Lee's delightfully handmade custom DSLR camera cases. The first two to catch my attention were the anchor pattern case in dark grey & the awesome cowboy style as shown above, but the camera case that I am really, really leaning towards is the check pattern custom case. As much as I love a good anchor print - on almost anything - it is one of those contributing design elements that you cannot go overboard without it verging on tacky. And Romy already has a children's play wigwam in that exact cowboy material, so I don't want to give friends and family the wrong impression that I've suddenly peaked an interest in vintage style cowboy print & then receive cowboy inspired gifts (guys, it could happen). If you're in need of a camera case too, then take a look at this clever ladies handmade creations. I will be bumping this item up on my priority list!