Friday, 21 November 2014

Currently / November

Reading: Just about to start 'Not That Kind Of Girl' by Lena Dunham. The last couple of weeks this book has been popping up a lot on my Instagram feed, with very mixed reviews. So I am keen to get stuck into it & see for myself. Lena Dunham isn't in my top five favourite celebrities or anything, but when I'm in the mood for watching 'Girls' I really enjoy it & I like her jokes & sense of humour. 

Watching: New Girl. I watched almost half of the first season when it first aired on tv here in Australia and I liked it, I just wasn't into it at the time. Especially with the onslaught of kooky indie girls that seemingly transpired because of the Zooey Deschanel fascination. But now that the show isn't so new - and I ran out of other things to watch - I thought I would give it a go & I am glad I did. Schmidt is saaaa funny! 

Listening to: Taylor Swift '1989'. On repeat for almost two weeks now. My favourite tracks are Style, I Wish You Would & Bad Blood. 

Loving: Wednesday night farmers markets. The farmers markets are generally on a Sunday morning here, but now that I work on the weekends I don't get to go (but luckily for me my sister buys my nuts & apricots for me if she's going!). For the lead up to the Christmas period there is a special wednesday night farmers market so of a Wednesday afternoon we've been getting to go for ourselves & to get our nuts, apricots & bagels. 

Working On:  Kitchen curtains. I got my mum to sew some simple calico curtains that I could paint a simple pattern on for my kitchen. It is most definitely a work in progress!

Eating : Salad rolls. When the warmer weather kicks in Luke & I usually have salad rolls for lunch, we occasionally have them all year round, but they just aren't as satisfying in the colder months of the year. Also, cheddar and pickle bagels from the markets.

Looking Forward To : Finishing up my Christmas shopping! I was able to have a couple of hours to myself earlier in the week to get the bulk of our Christmas shopping done & I am pleased to say that with the exception of a secret santa present & a gift card I am almost finished! Luke & I set the goal of having all our shopping finished by the end of November and I am almost positive I'll be able to achieve that in the next few days!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Holding Newborns

I took this photo while I was nursing Romy on our first morning at home together. I had no idea how to hold a newborn, I had never held one before - in fact Romy was the third baby I had ever held (& the first two were during my pregnancy!). Holding a newborn is a juggling act masked by joy; theres making sure the baby's neck has enough support, finding a good spot to rest their little limbs & setting yourself up in a comfortable position so you don't upset their little souls with all of your wriggling. And then there is the am I holding them right? do they need to be burped? and the lurking don't drop the baby anxiety. Initially, holding a newborn can be a bit of a thing. But then with weeks of practice you're a pro, & think it is a little funny when you're visitors get nervous to hold your newborn - because it's easy peasy to hold them, right?!

In the last month or so I've met two new babies; my cousin's little girl, & our friends little boy & both of those little bubbas were tiny! I thought tiny newborn Romy who had arrived 5 weeks early had prepared me for all the small babies in my future, but I was wrong. Because Romy grew bigger and then I became accustomed to holding bigger & bigger babies and now I have a toddler and the waking every two hours to feed phase is long behind us. And now I get it when other parents say 'oh, I don't remember that phase'. During my pregnancy I would ask my mum & her neighbour lots of questions about their experiences as new mothers & both of them rendered little information from their mummy memories trying to explain that there are so many different stages & phases that some parts of it get lost altogether. And that wasn't something I could understand at the time because this new exciting thing was happening and I was so set on being able to remember it all. 

I'm not entirely sure babies are like bicycles, I guess I'll have more insight after baby no. 2 (much, much farther down the track!), but when I was nursing my cousin & friend's babies I felt completely clueless like I had never done this before & was asking them if I was holding their babies right. Which I had other mothers ask me when they held Romy for the first time, & I remember thinking to myself 'why are you asking me I don't know either!!!'. And if I can forget those initial awkward moments where you're adjusting to holding this brand new baby bean in your grips this soon, I am pretty sure that with a few years gap in between my newborn days I'll be feeling this way again. But for now I'm quite happy with the sporadic toddler hugs Romy rewards me with!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Toddler Meals // Breakfast

I must admit, for the breakfast shift I don't often opt for the most creative option, it's usually cereal or toast. But last week I picked up one of these convenient Nuby 'section plates' that are darn handy for  adding variety in at meal times.

I like to give Romy a couple of different things for lunch on her plate so she gets a little bit of everything & is more open to trying new foods. The past couple of mornings Romy hasn't really been too interested in her bowl of cereal, so this morning I did something similar to lunch and gave her a breakfast variety plate - which was a success!

Romy ate yogurt topped with a light sprinkle of muesli, a small handful of black currant weetibix & milk, banana fingers & orange slices. The last week or so Romy has been much more interested in fruit and has really taken a liking to orange slices. She still however will only eat bananas if they're cut into finger pieces rather than circles. Oh well, as long as she's eating them right?!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Don't Make A Spectacle

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A couple of weeks ago I started to indulge in the idea of updating my frames as I'm needing to update my prescription pretty soon anyway. The last time I updated my prescription I went from having two pairs of different frames to just one all round pair, so this time around I will be investing in two separate designs. There have been more than a couple of times that I have cursed myself for only having chosen one set of spectacles when they have hindered a choice when buying a new dress, and most definitely after the initial new glasses hype has died down. Plus, its never a bad idea to have a spare set incase of unforeseen incidents which is another reinforcing decision to get two pairs this time. Each morning when I wake up, Romy is shoving my glasses off the bedside onto my face, and her little uncoordinated toddler hands sometimes use too much force and I worry that she's going to break them. I'm really leaning towards the colourful Roxy specs, they're all business at the front and a teenage sleepover on the sides! They would definitely add a quick splash of cute to your face without being OTT. And the Sherry frames is my 'sensible' pick.  

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hey, November

Well, November just snuck up on me over the weekend & it wasn't until Sunday that I realised that October was done & dusted. That tends to happen this time of year. I think I have slightly begun getting a little too focused on the fact that yet another year is coming to it's grand close, & thinking about everything that goes along with that. What will we do for NYE? How long will we go back home for over the Christmas period? What can I quickly cross off the list before the new year? All of those thoughts are beginning. And I know what happens next because this happens every year, but this year I am not taking any of those unnecessary stresses that this time of year evokes. I didn't get around to setting up a sweet, sweet dream nest in our bedroom - & that is okay! I'll put in on my 2015 goals & be super impressed with myself that I have been really focused the last two weeks and have kept busy & kept moving forward. 

This month I am going to focus on putting out positive energy, because, how lucky are we to even be here really?! I recently read this pretty cool interview with Brian Cox where he talks about the possibilities of there being other civilisations in the universe as extremely rare so we should see ourselves as being very lucky to even be here. And we should harness that information & start behaving differently. Which is a heavy kind of existential thought, but it you take it down a notch it is a simple & uplifting one.