Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Don't Make A Spectacle

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A couple of weeks ago I started to indulge in the idea of updating my frames as I'm needing to update my prescription pretty soon anyway. The last time I updated my prescription I went from having two pairs of different frames to just one all round pair, so this time around I will be investing in two separate designs. There have been more than a couple of times that I have cursed myself for only having chosen one set of spectacles when they have hindered a choice when buying a new dress, and most definitely after the initial new glasses hype has died down. Plus, its never a bad idea to have a spare set incase of unforeseen incidents which is another reinforcing decision to get two pairs this time. Each morning when I wake up, Romy is shoving my glasses off the bedside onto my face, and her little uncoordinated toddler hands sometimes use too much force and I worry that she's going to break them. I'm really leaning towards the colourful Roxy specs, they're all business at the front and a teenage sleepover on the sides! They would definitely add a quick splash of cute to your face without being OTT. And the Sherry frames is my 'sensible' pick.  


  1. Ohh great frame choices! Have you tried Firmoo? I always take my script from the optometrist when I have my eyes tested and jump straight onto I find optometrist frames so overpriced. I like Firmoo because they have fun cheap frames and the quality is surprisingly good!

  2. No I haven't, but mostly because I was a bit frazzled over what I would do with the prescription situation. When I get my eyes tested next I will defo be taking my script and getting a couple of cheaper pairs. Thanks for the idea! xx