Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hey, November

Well, November just snuck up on me over the weekend & it wasn't until Sunday that I realised that October was done & dusted. That tends to happen this time of year. I think I have slightly begun getting a little too focused on the fact that yet another year is coming to it's grand close, & thinking about everything that goes along with that. What will we do for NYE? How long will we go back home for over the Christmas period? What can I quickly cross off the list before the new year? All of those thoughts are beginning. And I know what happens next because this happens every year, but this year I am not taking any of those unnecessary stresses that this time of year evokes. I didn't get around to setting up a sweet, sweet dream nest in our bedroom - & that is okay! I'll put in on my 2015 goals & be super impressed with myself that I have been really focused the last two weeks and have kept busy & kept moving forward. 

This month I am going to focus on putting out positive energy, because, how lucky are we to even be here really?! I recently read this pretty cool interview with Brian Cox where he talks about the possibilities of there being other civilisations in the universe as extremely rare so we should see ourselves as being very lucky to even be here. And we should harness that information & start behaving differently. Which is a heavy kind of existential thought, but it you take it down a notch it is a simple & uplifting one. 


  1. Same thoughts. The day after Halloween I realized I needed to pick out Christmas outfits and Christmas photos ideas and cards and make present wishlists and decide how in the world I want to do Thanksgiving and everything. It's such a stressful time of the year!

    1. There is a lot to organise, especially with a small child! It was much easier to take Romy to the shops this time last year, but there is no way in hell I would be able to take her to the shops without there being a massive tantrum now! Good luck with your festivities planning!