Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Reading: 'Apple Tree Yard' by Louise Doughty, and oh man am I hooked! I have a small window of reading time each day and if Romy is having a good day and is happy to play by herself I will rush about trying to get all my morning jobs done so come nap time I can pick up where I left off the night before. I like how the stories outcome is laid out on the very first page and you know where it all ends, but how it all eventuates and the suspense behind the tale is just really captivating. I've been enjoying tragic romantic suspense novels lately which was triggered a few weeks back when I read 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn.

Watching:  The Office (US version). Many, many years ago when the American version first started I caught a couple of episodes on tv and really enjoyed them but due to a late time slot I always forgot to watch it. If it was ever on when I was flicking the channels I would always watch it, but never really got invested in the show. My sister & brother-in-law are really into it and shared it with me and now I don't think I could ever look back. I mean, Jim & Pam are just the cutest! Question, is there a real life couple that darn cute?! In the first couple of seasons there were a lot of brutally awkward moments that I even caught Luke covering his face because he was so put off by it! We're currently up to season 6.

Listening to: Nothing in particular of late, however we rarely turn JJJ off these days. And after not listening to barely any new music in over a year I am enjoying getting back in the loop. Romy loves having the radio on and will stop whatever she is doing to shake her groove thing if some dope beats come on for her.

Loving:  The day visits Romy & I have been having with our dear friend Elle lately. We currently do not live in the same area, in fact we're almost three hours apart, so our visits aren't as frequently as I would like them to be. But it is a little hard to drag a teething toddler to the city, and when I visit her it doubles as a bff date AND personal day off.

Working On:  These past couple of weeks I have been working on starting this blog and how I want it to look. For now I'm keeping it simple & open to all kinds of possibilities. 

Eating : This is a little bit back yard bbq of me, but lately I've just been craving plain Jatz with cheese! I saw a friend of ours tagged on a Facebook picture for giving away their hospital afternoon crackers & cheese and ever since seeing that picture I've been hooked on them! 

Looking Forward To : Spending more of my afternoons at my sisters new house that she recently bought! Her backyard is a mini suburban gourmet farm with so many delicious things growing like blueberries, tomatoes, curry leaves, basil, sweet potatoes, lavender, macadamia nuts & lemons. They also have a chicken coupe too!

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