Thursday, 23 October 2014

Present Suggestions For Coffee Fiends

In the last year or so I've made a conscious effort to buy better presents for family & friends for birthdays & other special occasions. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I bought horribly bad presents before, but I noticed a bad present buying habit of mine that affected my choices - plan early, act late. So I would find myself with a few days to sort it out, and more often than not would end up wrapping the most convenient option. After I came to this realisation, I decided it had to end because I love buying presents for other people, I love the whole planning aspect of it and pondering what my presentee will like for their special day. 

Just before Christmas last year I came across a Christmas present buying method one blogger had adopted for their shopping last year - theming their presents. Genius right?! Now, when I say 'theme', don't think Disney Princesses on Ice kinda theme, more like, oh you like the markets? cool! I'll gift you a bunch of cool shit from the markets type theme. And incase you find yourself stuck for gifting ideas, I thought I'd make it into a blog post to help you out! First up..

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Do you have a coffee fiend friend? Sure you do! I've selected a couple of neat suggestions for varying types of caffeine junkies, & factoring in varying types of present buying budgets. While it isn't always the best approach to have in mind while present shopping, the above suggestions are things I would like to receive, as a coffee fiend myself.  

For a simple birthday gift, or low key office Chris Cringle a coffee mug is always a safe bet. And if your presentee & yourself have an 'in joke' together, you can personalise the mug with that. My sister received a coffee mug as a 'handing in her thesis' present from a work colleague that had a Marnie quote from GIRLS on it, I think that is a killer gift - practical and personal. Should you find yourself with a little extra money in your present budget because your mug of choice was on sale, you could easily chuck in a packet of chocolate coated coffee beans for something extra. But if you find yourself on a really tight budget, why not make a batch of homemade biscotti up for your presentee! 

If your presentee already has a coffee making device like a percolator or French press, but will buy their coffee in ready ground bags, take their morning coffee to the next level with an inexpensive coffee grinder. I have this particular grinder and use it at home to grind my coffee beans every morning. If you know what type of beans your presentee likes, pair the grinder up with a small bag to get them started. My top pick from this suggestion list would be an espresso machine. And if you like coffee too then everybody wins! It may seem like an outrageous present, but you could always get others to pitch in too for a group effort. This particular machine is definitely affordable, & makes a pretty tasty cup of jo. I bought one last year, & have saved myself a lot of money from not buying multiple takeaway coffees during the week.


  1. I actually just added an espresso machine to my Christmas wishlist today!! Love love love coffeeee

    1. They are such a great idea if you drink a lot of coffee! And now you won't need to leave your house for coffee! That is a total win!