Friday, 19 December 2014

Mangoes In The Summer

You know it's summer when your fridge has a running supply of mangoes. Last summer mangoes were running out our door like hotcakes because they were Romy's choice of solid at the time & she would get so sad when she ate them all. Last christmas she threw the tantrum of all tantrums possible for a 9 month old that could only be silenced with a  mouthful of mango! This season she couldn't care less about them, which means there is more for Luke & I. In my house growing up we didn't have a mango tradition like some of my friend's families did, but you did have to be quick if my parents were cutting them up because they were always snapped up quickly. I am not a summer fan but I do get a tiny bit excited for this time of year to roll around for mangoes and evening strolls. 

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