Sunday, 31 August 2014

Toddler Meals // Lunch

Feeding a toddler can sometimes be a whole task in itself to cross off your to-do list, especially when your toddler happens to have a gourmet palette some days (but will eat whatever falls on the floor the next!). Their little tastebuds chop and change so rapidly part of the challenge is keeping up with it all. Some days Romy loves strawberries, and other days they're just an afterthought she turns her nose up at. So for Romy's lunches I make her up a mix of things for lunch that way she is bound to eat at least one thing!

A constant favourite of Romy's is ham, so you can guarantee that is in our shopping trolley each week as it seems to be one of the only meat items on her plate she will eat without questioning it. Next to ham on her 'foods I'll always eat' is peanut butter. More recently I started smearing medijool dates with peanut butter for Romy and she really took to it, so every couple of days this little gem makes an appearance on her lunch plate. Kale chips however will not be making another appearance anytime soon, it seems my little girl only likes the organic packet kale chips (which as tasty as they are, are also covered in flavouring) much to my dismay. 

I always have at least two types of fruit on her plate on offer, and unless its banana she really isn't too keen. According to some articles Luke was reading last week about fussy eaters, it can take up to 15 times for a toddler to be okay with a new food. We've given Romy five rounds with sultanas and she is just starting to warm up to them. Strawberries, bananas, super soft pears & grapes are about the only fruit she will eat. Oh, and mango come summer time. 

Romy's nap time is anywhere from - 12.30pm, so there isn't such a long gap in between meals or snacks I've started giving her a 'little lunch' around 11am which is a smaller version of the plate above, and I try and change it up every day so she can get the best of everything. And when she wakes up from her nap around 3.30pm I give the second part of her lunch which is usually a half sandwich and some yogurt to tie her over until we have dinner around 6. The better part of my day is spent preparing meals for this little bear, I swear!


  1. oooh, love your pictures and the graphic design! Best, Elisabeth from

  2. Is it bad that I really want a plate like this? So cute.

    1. Haha! Not at all, I'm not going to pretend that I haven't used it for my own snacks a few times! :)

  3. Love your toddler meal ideas! It's always nice to see what other mom's are feeding their kids. I hate getting stuck in a feeding rut. Thanks for sharing!