Thursday, 11 September 2014

Spring, You're Here!

Today was the first real day of spring. For the past couple of weeks the weather here in Newcastle has been miserable and frustrating. During the middle of winter we were fortunate to have a good month of nice sunny t-shirt wearing days that unfortunately racked up a mighty fine cold & rainy debt. And for the past few weeks we've been shut inside watching The Wiggles waiting for the storm to pass, so to speak. I usually love winter, give me a cardigan and a hot water bottle any day & I'm happy. But its days like today where the temperature isn't bothersome in the slightest that wins me over - that and a good bunch of perfectly arranged (thanks Renee!) spring fresh flowers!


  1. Yesterdays weather was beautiful! We went out for a late morning walk with Ellie and I was able to wear a short dress without the wind blowing it up or freezing my bare legs off. It was lovely! :)


  2. This weekend was our first sign of real Fall!